Guides, Tutorials, and Support Documents

This system contains many online guides, short tutorials, and support documents to educate you on different aspects of modern IT systems.

Overview: The Overview document gives an overview of the system and is highly recommended for a conceptual understanding of the system. 

Online Guides:

Business Portal: Designed specifically for small to medium businesses (SMBs), this portal leads you to numerous sources of information for starting a business, developing a marketing plan, obtaining finance, and information technologies.

Outsourcing Guide: This leads you through various choices and issues in making the outsourcing decisions, selecting the outsourcing vendors, and issuing the RFPs/RFQs.

Short Tutorials

Support Materials

Although not required, the following books provide the necessary technical background (if needed):

  • Umar, A., "e-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook”, Published in Eight Modules, NGE Solutions, May 2003, revised August 2004.
  • Umar, A., Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications”, NGE Solutions, July 2004.
  • Umar, A., "Information Security and Auditing in the Digital Age”, NGE Solutions, May 2003, Revised August 2004.

These books are available through and other book sellers. Please visit the author website ( for additional details.