S3.4: Improving (updating) existing platform services (e.g., install servers) at a new site

Use the following PlanIT and SAM Advisors to develop the iT plan for the new site:  


  • Enterprise Modeller to build model of the new division (site) of the existing company. Only define the sites (new plus say the corporate) that will interact with each other. Only select the business functions (BFs) that will reside at the new site (e.g., manufacturing related BFs for a manufacturing division) or will need to be interfaced with the existing company.
  • Application Advisor to determine an application plan for the new site that shows what will be automated, what automation strategy will be used (buy, rent, outsource, develop, extend) and what application packages will be used.
  • Platform Advisor to determine the computing hardware and software plan for the new site. Go through detailed evaluation and update of the platform plan.