S4.1: Migrating from existing system to an SOA-compliant architecture.

Use the following PlanIT Advisor  to document the IT plan for the existing system:


  • Enterprise Modeller to build model of the existing system. Only select the business functions (BFs) that will be need to be migrated and will be influenced by the migration (i.e., include BFs that will need to be interfaced with the migrating applications).
  • Application Advisor to determine an application plan that documents the applications that will participate in the migration effort. 

Use the following AIM (Architecture and Integration Module) Advisors to determine how the migrating applications will be integrated with other apps.

  • Business Problem Explorer to identify the applications that will be migrated and the others that will be influenced by the migration plan.  
  • Intelligent Requirement Generator to generate requirements for the target applications to be migrated
  • Integrated Architecture Advisor and to develop an SOA-based architecture for migration (i.e., choose a migration strategy)   
  • Integrated Solution Advisor to evaluate the  suggested architectures
  • Reiterate for all applications that will need to be migrated.