S4.3: Automating a manual BP

Use the following PlanIT Advisors to capture manual BP


  • Enterprise Modeller to build model of the existing company. Only select the business functions/processes (BFs/BPs) that will be automated. Also include BFs/BPs that will need to be interfaced with the manual BP.  
  • Application Advisor to determine an application plan with focus on the manual BP that shows what automation strategy will be used (buy, rent, outsource, develop, extend) and what application packages will be used.

Use the following AIM (Architecture and Integration Module) Advisors to determine how the newly automated BPs will be integrated with the existing applications:

  • Business Problem Explorer to  define the application group of the newly  automated service (target application)  
  • Intelligent Requirement Generator to generate requirements for the target applications
  • Integrated Architecture Advisor to develop an SOA-based architecture for integration-in-place (i.e., integrate the newly automated BP with interacting apps without changing them) 
  • Integrated Solution Advisor to evaluate the  suggested architecture
  • Reiterate, if needed, for all applications of the newly automated BP